Monday, February 11, 2013

diy: valentines box

i don't know if anyone has noticed besides my most faithful reader (hi mom!), but i'm on a valentines high. i guess you could say cupid shot me this year because i'm obsessed with all things lovey-dovey :)

today's diy project was inspired while i was eating cereal the other day.
yes, breakfast food inspires me.
i looked at my honey bunches of oats and realized, "if i turned this box inside out - i could do all sorts of things with it!"

and so - turned it inside out i did.

i think tony the tiger would be happy to know i'm putting his cereal box to good use.
this project was (just like the previous valentines projects) super easy and super quick. and it's perfect if your child needs a last minute box to gather all the valentines they'll be getting!

materials needed:
* cereal box
* paper
* lettering (found at target for less than $1)
* cute owl (found at walmart for less than $2)
* glue stick/modge podge

i typed up instructions, but realized this project is pretty self-explanatory.
but, as always, if you have any questions or comments - email me at

happy projecting - only 4 more days 'til valentines!!

mrs. b

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