Friday, February 8, 2013

diy: valentines blocks/garland

* cut a 2 x 4 into three square pieces (about 4' x 4')
* paint them, let 'em dry (i used an off-white acrylic paint)
* while drying, cut your festive valentines paper (just smaller than 4')
* modge podge front of block
* stick paper to the block (make sure to push out any bubbles that may form)
* after paper is dry, modge podge the front again
* stick letters to block and hold for about a minute
* let dry
* show off your cute new creation for everyone to see :)

also - if your looking for a simple garland, this one was super quick and easy!
all you need is paper and twine (or substitute thread).

only 6 more days 'til valentines :)
happy crafting friends!

mrs. b

**remember how much fun it was to make valentines boxes in elementary school?
i looked forward to it every year.

come back soon to see the one i just made out of a cereal box!
(cuz you're never too old for that kind of stuff, right??)

1 comment:

  1. What a cute banner! And it looks easy too, what more could you want!? Cute stuff lady!

    xoxo Jamie