Tuesday, January 8, 2013

top three: the bachelor returns.

anyone else watch the premiere of the bachelor last night?
i sure did.
and boy did it make for an amusing two hours.

the awkward dating/kissing advice from arie.
the perky "hello, my name is ashley" you see every season.
the slow-motion, full body beach shots of sean.

no matter how many seasons i watch - it never gets old.

so i'm here to give my top three bachelorettes.
(based on poise, beauty, grace, and a hint of brains of course.)

#1: kacie b

* i fell in love with this girl on ben's season. i'm not confident she'll make it all the way... just because she has a target on her back with the others. but if her and sean work out - cutest and sweetest couple ever. ya?

#2: lindsay

* yes, yes. she was all sorts of tipsey-turvey last night but i think this girl is going to come around. obviously she has a sense of humor showing up in a wedding dress. i think underneath all that wine - she's going to show her true colors here quickly. 

#3: taryn 
* again, didn't make the best first impression (or hardly made one at all) but i'm rooting for this girl. she's cute and she's polite... letting all those other girls get time with sean. i will say, she better step it up quick so he can remember who she even is! 

other than that, i'm really struggling with these girls. 
hopefully they will start growing on me... or just get a little more normal!

what about you?
who do you think will win over sean lowe's heart?

mrs. b


  1. I like all your picks. I totally think Tierra is going to make it far and then pull a Courtney from Ben's season. I just hope Sean is smarter. ;)

    1. Allie - I'm so happy you still watch! I am REALLY hoping Tierra doesn't win... We'll have to keep discussing as the season progresses :)

    2. Oh definitely! After watching this last one I really hope Desiree wins. I like her a lot! And Amanda is a weird-o and should be kicked off

  2. I'm just wondering, if this is your blog for both of you, what's Jordan's part in this post? :)

    1. He won't admit to it... but he loves it just as much as I do ;)