Thursday, January 31, 2013

valentines day...

... hasn't always been my favorite holiday.
actually, starting in about middle school - it became one of my least favorites.

every february would roll around and secretly - i would get excited. i would put on my favorite outfit and do my hair all nice. (you know, crimped like every middle schooler did in the 90's) then i would walk around school hoping my crush would notice me, give me a flower, and tell me he had a crush on me too. (or something like that.) 

year after year i would fall into this trap - just to be disappointed.

so then i got older, went to college, and got married. still, i couldn't get over my love-hate relationship for this holiday. no matter what thoughtful gesture was extended - it wasn't what i was hoping for. (selfish, i know.)

long story short: this year i have decided to make valentines day less about expectations (less about me) and more about making it fun, exciting, and lovely... just like it should be! in hopes to do this, i've created some fun valentines crafts to make, give away, eat, or decorate the house with that i'll share with you over the next few weeks. hopefully you think they're cute :)
and hopefully my husband won't ruin the surprises and read my blog for the next little while...

homemade valentines card
who doesn't love a little reminder that, "hey - i think you're great!" and "you're great enough that i made you a cute little card!"



the best part is - this card is cheap and super easy to make. all you need is cut out hearts (as many as you want), twine, and a hole punch. then you get to express your love however your heart desires! homemade cards are more personal and are fun for your significant other to read and see your creativity.

* let me know if you have any questions or comments!

next valentines craft: valentines garlands

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  1. Kaitlyn, I love this!!! It is cute! Just so you know you are nominated for the liebster award on my blog today!