Tuesday, January 22, 2013

baked instead of fried.

confession: i crave fast food... all. the. time.

it's ridiculous. i know it's bad for me and i need to stay away from it, but mcdonald's always sucks me in to buying their heavenly fries, arby's with their to-die-for roast beef sandwiches, and wendy's with the frosty.

so instead of caving in last night, i decided to make a healthy alternative.
 baked chicken nuggets with baked fries. 

have you had either of these? oh my. 
we have been making the fries for awhile now and both the husband and i love love love them. we tried the chicken nuggets for the first time last night and will definitely be making them again very shortly. super good!


mrs. b

p.s. remember when i begged for your help with the whole snow dog photo contest? well, the first voting day opened and i realized how difficult it was to figure out. sooo... rocky and i made an executive decision to drop out of the competition. i'll just find another way to make $250... maybe i'll enter him into competitive dog napping... he would win for sure!!

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